News about 53rd St. in Hyde Park, Chicago

Alderman Will Burns

In the news: Talk about the future of dining in Hyde Park

Earlier this week at his October ward meeting, 4th Ward Alderman Will Burns introduced the audience to Chicago restaurateur Matthias Merges, who announced plans to open two new restaurants in Hyde Park in 2013. Merges also recently talked to dining blog Eater Chicago about what the new restaurants might look like. Read the Eater Chicago article here.

Visioning workshop report available for review and input

Community members’ vision for 53rd Street was a key topic at the 53rd Street TIF Advisory Council meeting earlier this week. South East Chicago Commission Executive Director Wendy Williams presented a preliminary report from the 53rd Street Visioning Workshop that took place on April 21 this year. The workshop was the fourth held since 2007, after the City of Chicago, the University of Chicago, local elected officials and the community began partnering to redevelop and revitalize the commercial corridor on 53rd.

More than 200 community residents attended the April workshop and shared their ideas and opinions on three topics: redevelopment of the Mobil site at 1330 E. 53rd, Nichols Park in relation to the commercial corridor, and the overall 53rd Street experience. The preliminary report details those ideas and provides an overview of progress that has been made toward achieving community members’ vision expressed in earlier workshops.

Both Williams and 4th Ward Alderman Will Burns asked that individuals who attended the workshop read the preliminary report to make sure all the ideas presented at the workshop are included in the final report. Download the preliminary report here, and send any changes to SECC Program Manager James Kenady at by Monday, July 16, 2012.